Work isn't a place you go to - it's a thing you do.*

* Full props to the new office phone company, Dialpad, for our headline...

Our 60-day posting cycle for Horizons is going to change - we promise! It's just that the summer got away from us as we have worked with our clients and partners to build the foundation for some incredibly exciting announcements this fall. So stay tuned...

But in the meantime, wanted to share this post from HubSpot, which builds on our summer solstice post regarding the need to find opportunity to stop the thinking and give your mind a break. This time, it's about the need to give the traditional workplace a break given the massive potential flexible work environments have when it comes to creativity.

Last spring, we made a conscious effort to ensure that our collective fully embraces the distributed work environment. The focus here at Alluvvus is to provide our teams with the direction and tools they need to create innovative outcomes for our clients. That's it.

We have found that if we provide clear and compelling direction, and then create an environment and set of circumstances that allows us all to work from anywhere... great things happen. And the best part? Clients notice. We had one client that recently asked why the work was better and faster. We noted that we have worked to embrace the new distributed dynamic and it has paid dividends. Our team isn't fighting traffic to get to an internal meeting that doesn't matter. Rather, they are entrusted with the time and space needed to get the work done. And none of us care how and where that happens - as long as it happens.

Now... this does require a new level of trust. And all that freedom also assumes a certain maturity and shared commitment to professionalism and meaningful outcomes. But we've found that there are plenty of great, creative people out there that are happy to meet those requirements as it beats the hell out of rushing to be someplace that doesn't really matter.