Think Less, Think Better

The Gray Matter piece in Sunday's New York Times is a must read for all of us who are running from moment-to-moment in search of the next big idea or on to the next deadline.


This has been a longstanding position here within our collective that in working with our clients the first step is to pause, take a deep breath and then proceed to focus on the work. Now, Moshe Bar, a research director at Bar-Ilan University and professor at Harvard University, notes that her research has found that "your internal exploration is too often diminished by an overly occupied mind, much as is the case with your experience of our external environment."

She recommends meditation as her starting point, but closes by simply noting that any practice that can help you "unburden the load on your mind" is something worthy of consideration. So be like the headline - find ways to think less and discover how these simple practices can help you (and your team) to think better.