The Path - A Preview

So is it all a bunch of spiritual mumbo jumbo? We have received some feedback that perhaps there is too much mindfulness and not enough marketing going on here. Perhaps... and that's okay. We continue to share the observation that while we can jump into the specifics of a marketing and communications challenge (e.g., objectives, success metrics, segmentation strategies and tactics), the human element - ourselves and where we are emotionally and spiritually - is equally important. The best marketing strategies often come undone when they run up against personal motivations and perspectives.

But we have a way - what we like to call the brand engagement path. And in September we will share how we use this tool to work with clients to ensure that we not only create a brand and storyline that connects with target audiences, but then work to diligently connect that storyline to the tactical plan. Working together all the way through to make clear how we move people from awareness to engagement - and it all sits on one page. So stay tuned... we will publish the first piece on this shortly.