Are we in agreement?

So here at Alluvus, we're planning junkies and always open to and in search of ideas and models that help us help our clients build meaningful and measurable marketing plans. And with the rise of today's increasingly collaborative work environment, of which organizations like Small Giants are a great example of this trend, we will take time to recognize and share resources we have come across that we think can be really useful in helping you to rethink your approach to getting alignment across your organization.

For example, the Entrepreneurial Operating System is an interesting set of resources that includes this short video we think is worth a view. All too often we engage with our clients and naively jump into working to assess the market environment to solve their problem. While we usually make great progress in arriving at a competitive assessment that helps to inform a positioning, we sometimes get blind-sided by internal audiences we work with who disagree with the priorities that we may identify. Which compels us to often ask ourselves, "What the heck is going on - didn't we agree on this already?"

This video does a nice job of noting that the issue could be that we simply lack agreement - and we think this is a valuable perspective to consider. With almost all of our clients a vision is usually in place, but internal stakeholders lack agreement on what the priorities should be, and that's when the wheels come off. Grab yourself a latte and then take 4 minutes and 42 seconds to watch this video. We're then happy to sit down and talk to you about how we can work with you to not only deliver on your marketing objectives, but do so in way that ensures we manage competing priorities and find a way to collectively agree upon how we will move forward together.