What do we mean by meaningful and mindful marketing counsel?

We've been thinking about it a lot lately ourselves. For us this idea is grounded in our commitment to always talk with our clients first and at no charge with the goal being to understand two areas: 1. Where they are now and where do they want to be (aka, the challenge and opportunity), and; 2. What is their culture and day-to-day like (aka, how do we really work and what are we capable of).

The meaningful piece is linked to that first discussion point - let's understand where we are now and where we would like to be. Period. No questions asked. Let's figure out what success looks like because the obvious point is that we may encounter obstacles along the way. We'll then create a plan supported by a dashboard and be clear about what the ROI is.

The mindful piece is linked to the second discussion point - where are we in terms of our mindset and our commitment to achieve shared goals? As part of this conversation, we'll focus on the workplace culture, the personal challenges we face and all the many distractions we now have to deal with each and every minute, hour and day.

Sometimes the meaningful piece is the easiest part of the discussion, it's the cultural issues that kill us. That's when we work to bring Buddha into the workplace and commit to being mindful - working together to connect with each other and our team to figure out how we can address the emotional territory that may stand in our way. When we commit to being both meaningful (aka, ROI) and mindful (aka, human) we enter into a new kind of relationship that delivers because it's grounded in commitment and compassion.