What is your culture capable of?

The past weekend was a rainy one here in Washington, so we once again found ourselves spending time with The Sunday Times - this time perusing Corner Office which is a great feature opportunity for established and emerging leaders. This time the article shared the observations of venture capitalist Tae Hea Nahm - and again - we gravitated to his observations on culture.

This is a very real challenge especially for the organizations we are working with who are looking to implement change in established and bureaucratic environments. As Nahm notes, "If [the] official proclamation of culture is aligned and consistent with the unofficial culture... you have the best culture. When the two are disconnected, you get chaos."

Too often we have seen and walked away from a potential engagement because the culture wars are in play. If you're encountering this kind of tension, we're happy to talk with you about how to work to help people understand and process change with a focus on ensuring we evolve the culture. We get it - as Wayne's friend Garth once said (and we're dating ourselves here) - "We fear change." But if you find yourself in the midst of a culture war, put your hands out and invite the other perspective in. We can figure it out - and that is a way better path to walk than waiting to ambush each other.