Free-Range Thinking

Where do ideas come from? We've been thinking about that a lot lately because we've been coming up with a lot of them as we work with our clients. So it compelled us to wonder why we're having so much fun and such success. And the general agreement is that we're working hand-in-hand together with our clients to examine the challenges we face in an environment that results in unfettered thinking, or what we started to call "free-range thinking."

Free-range thinking is a product of a lot of planning and structure actually, but it's all done to ensure that we create an engagement where we can examine everything and that also fosters an environment where we can all work together to answer one question, "What if we could do anything?" We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how this works and put you in touch with folks that we believe are excellent shepherds of free-range thinking - they work the meadow where the big ideas can be found.