Further demonstration that mindfulness works in the workplace

We began the year by linking to a New York Times feature on Aetna's CEO and that company's commitment to mindfulness as an optional channel for employees to pursue. We close the year with a link to this Harvard Business Review post which once again cites Aetna, but notes how other businesses are benefiting from a renewed commitment to mindfulness. We'll feature an excerpt from the article's close here which states that:

"As many organizations can attest, bringing mindfulness to the workplace has decreased people’s stress levels while improving focus and clarity, listening and decision-making skills, and overall well-being. Perhaps most importantly from a management perspective, mindfulness gives employees permission to think. Mindfulness is the essence of engagement. Being fully present — and allowing your team to be fully in the moment — will reap rewards on a personal and professional level."

We continue to realize these same rewards in our work with our clients and welcome the chance to do the same with them again in 2016. We're also happy to talk with you about how we're bringing mindfulness into an engagement, using its power to transform the work that we do together. In doing so, we're less concerned about whether or not we'll ever enter into a business relationship. Our primary concern is to make clear the benefits of mindfulness simply because we see its value each and every day. We're happy to share these insights with you so please feel free to reach out as we work our way through a New Year.

And on that note - may 2016 be both a mindful and memorable one for you and everyone you work with.